Why is Your Car Ac Blowing Hot Air?

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One of the worst things that can happen on a hot summer day is when your car ac blowing hot air. It can be due to some major reasons, as I had this issue in last summer, it was the most frustrating situation, if you are experiencing the same condition then don’t worry I will guide you to the solution. This is because of some causes that we will discuss in this article.


Is your Car Ac Suddenly Blowing Hot Air?

If your car ac suddenly started blowing hot air and its getting worst day by day then this article is for you. I can imagine the suffering if you are living in a hot area and this problem comes out of nowhere. I have discussed 5 major reasons below, mostly these are the problems, causes a horrible problem in car ac.

5 Reasons Why your Car is Blowing Hot Air When Ac is on:

1.Refrigerant Leak

Mostly the main cause of blowing hot air is the leakage of refrigerant.
Refrigerant is a fluid that flows through your car AC framework, extending and contracting as it expels warmth and moistness from the lodge. None of the other A/C parts will work accurately without legitimate refrigerant levels.
If the refrigerant level is low, then it is the main reason, your car blows the hot air.

On the off chance that you think your A/C has bit by bit been blowing hotter air over a time of two or three weeks, you most likely have a hole. To discover where the break is, professionals, put an exceptional UV-receptive color into your car ac framework and after a few days, color is shown on the leakage site.

After fixing the leakage site, you must recharge the refrigerant of your car ac.

Is your car ac blowing hot air after recharge?

Don’t worry! Read the Article fully you will get your solution.

There are still some reasons which we discuss next in this article that causes the car to blow warm air, which includes electrical, condenser, compressor, and cooling fan issues.
So hang in there!

2.Electrical System Issues:

A car air conditioner system has a complete electrical system, has different electric parts, and if any of one part gets fused or some issues then it will definitely lead to blowing hot air.

It is very hard to identify electrical problems. Without the best possible test hardware and, maybe more significantly, the experience level of the individual diagnosing the issue, these issues are hard to seclude. But you must try to inspect the electrical wires and parts associated with car ac. You need to go to your near expert car electrician to have a detailed inspection and to solve that electrical issue.

3.Broken Compressor

A compressor is the main functional part of your car ca. It flows the refrigerant in your ac system to blow cold air. Fans are responsible for the air, doesn’t matter it’s cold or hot air. If there is an issue in compressor then you might get air through the air wents but warm air.

Compressor failure is due to not using it for a long period of time. If you didn’t use your Ac for the last 6-7 months of course in winter then you might have a chance to get compressor issue.
In order to avoid the compressor issue, it is recommended to turn on the car Ac for 15 minutes once every week to keep the compressor in the working state.

4.Problem in Condenser

The condenser is referred to as a small version of the radiator as the fan in front of it. The condenser is used to cool down the refrigerant before it converts into the gas and flows into the ac framework. If due to some reason, condenser stops working, the ac will blow hot air out of the air wents.

The main reason for car ac blowing hot air the blockage of condenser tubes no matter how small the blockage, the refrigerant remains hot thus the air we receive will be hot. As the condenser is located on the front side of the car, it can be broken by road dirt which can cause a refrigerant leak in the tubes.
If the condenser is totally damaged then there is no chance for it to work properly and you need to replace it as soon as possible to get cold air from your car ac.

5.Broken Cooling Fan

As we know there is a fan or pair of fans in front of the condenser which sucks out the heat from the refrigerant. If these fans do not work properly or broken then condenser not getting sufficiently cool and the refrigerant remains hot. This can be a reason that the car blowing hot air into the passenger cabin.

Breakage of fans is not an unusual thing, mostly the fans get broken by the road debris or some kind of little stone hit the fan wings. The only solution is to change the fans.

How to Fix Ac in Car Blowing Hot Air in Summer

Now as you noticed that your car ac is not working properly and blowing hot air out of the vents. First, you need to identify the main thing which causes the problem. Now as you have read the above reasons which may cause the problem.

The second step is to fix the car ac.On the off chance that you have what it takes and experience to fix any of these issues yourself, then go for it ad try to repair it by yourself but carefully. But we recommend you if you’re not capable of fixing the issue on your own then you must find a professional technician in town. If some parts need to be replaced then you should replace them with new ones.

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