What Are Motorcycle Fairings?

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A shell or wrapper that covers the motorcycle front half or all motorcycle is known as motorcycle fairing. It is the first thing that damages in an accident or in case a motorcycle falls Fairing plays an important role in race motorcycles as it is installed to make the motorcycle more aerodynamic.
Air pressure resists a bike to run faster but this resistance can be reduced by the shape of fairings. It gives a modern look to a motorcycle and sometimes prevents a major accident.

On touring and cruiser motorcycles, the fairing is installed in a way to make the ride comfortable for the rider and keeps the balance for a smooth ride.

What are motorcycle fairings made of?

Fairings are commonly made up of a plastic material called ABS, as it is lightweight, strong, and flexible. Sports bikes are equipped with ABS plastic Fairings as it is a combination of strength and rigidity.

Fiberglass is now installed on motorcycles for the race track, usually is more durable and lighter as compared to ABS plastic. Fiberglass is made up of woven fiber and it can be repaired by applying new layers of woven fiber on the damaged areas.

Carbon Fiber polymer is the lightest and expensive material that is used on superbikes and racing motorcycle fairings.

Types of Fairings:

  • Bikini Fairing
  • Half Fairing
  • Full Fairing

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Bikini Fairing:

Bikini Fairing is an old-style fairing. It was very popular in the 1970s and 1980s. Major companies like Suzuki, Ducati, etc made bikini fairing for their popular motorcycle models. Bikini Fairing covers only the front of a motorcycle and provides minimal wind protection to the rider

ducati desmo bikini fairings
Ducati Desmo equipped with Bikini Fairings

Half Fairing:

Half Fairing starts from the windshield and extends to the gas tank. It is mostly used in the naked bike which makes it easy to handle and lightweight.
Half Fairing motorcycle can be customized more to add crash guards and other equipment which can not be added in full fairing motorcycle. Many full fairing conversion kits are available in the market.

Famous Ducati models are equipped with half fairings which includes Ducati Diavel and Multistrada. Triumph Tiger 1200 is the best example of half fairing.

Ducati Multistrada Half Fairing
Ducati Multistrada Half Fairing

Full Fairing:

Full fairing motorcycle are the most popular design of now-a-days. It is the large front mounted fairing but does not enclose the whole motorcycle. Full fairing motorcycle looks stylish and eye-catchy.

Racing motorcycle is usually equipped with full fairing as it helps the bike to move faster against the wind pressure due to aerodynamical design. It also provides protection to the main engine and chasis if the motorcycle falls, as it covers both the upper and lower sides of the bike body.

Suzuki GSX-R models, Yamaha Yzf models, and Kawasaki ninja models are the superbikes, the full fairing is installed on them to give them an aerodynamically strong shape to run faster.

Yamaha Yzf-R1
Yamaha Yzf-R1 full Fairing

First the fairings were made for the race purpose. But now specific fairings become signature for various models. Fairing Manufacturers are competing each other in style and more sharp cuts for race purpose

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