How to ride a motorcycle?

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As you know, in the current era its quite a tough job to get a place in public transport. Sometimes we get late due to delay in public transportation and we want to have our own ride to avoid these problems.
The motorcycle is a relief for many of us as some peeps can’t afford a car. Some young fellows are fond of riding a motorcycle. If you are totally noob in riding a motorcycle, don’t worry I’m going to teach you the basics of how to ride a usual motorcycle.

Is it hard to ride a motorcycle?

No, it’s not hard to ride a motorcycle. In fact, its quite enjoyable, riding a bike is a kind of mental therapy. Riding a bike doesn’t need any prerequisite you can just sit on the motorcycle and start riding it. Once you start riding, it would not be anymore a problem for you to worry about handling the bike.

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Learn how to ride a motorcycle

For riding a motorcycle, you must have the right motorcycle to ride on. There are some steps that have to follow to avoid any incident. Following are the 7 steps:


Inspecting the Motorcycle:

You have to make sure first before hitting the road that the motorcycle parts are in well condition.

  • Tires have sufficient air pressure.
  • Both front and rear wheel brakes are working.
  • Fuel is filled up.
  • Headlight, taillight, and turning lights work well.
  • Suspension and chain are in working condition.

Wearing Safety Gears:

Before riding a bike make sure you have worn the proper safety gear for riding. Even if you are riding in a parking lot or on an empty road still you have a chance to get injured in case you lose balance. So it’s necessary to wear a proper safety kit for a safe ride. Safety Gears include:

  • Helmet(Must thing).
  • Riding Gloves.
  • Armored Jacket and Trouser.
  • Boots.

Starting the Motorcycle:

  • Turn on the ignition by turning the key to the right side.
  • Then turn on the kill switch, a red button located on the ride side.
  • Now push the start button, usually located below the kill switch.
  • Keep the bike start until it warms up.

Begin to ride:

After the motorcycle warms up, it’s ready to go on a ride. But how to make it run?
As you know some bikes have 4 gears and some have 6 manual shifting gears depend on the bike model. The gear shifter is on the left side at the foot place.
First, you have to pull the clutch, located at the left side of the handlebar and shift the first gear down by using your left foot, release the clutch steadily, and twist the throttle located on the right side of the handlebar.
As the first gear reaches its maximum potential, again shift the gear to second by repeating the whole procedure. But it is recommended that a beginner should ride a bike on only the first three gears and shift to next after having good control over the motorcycle.

How to ride a motorcycle with a passenger?

Riding a motorcycle with having a passenger sitting behind you is not a big deal if you have good maneuvering skills. Few things should be followed for a safe ride with sitting a passenger:

  • The Passenger needs to sit tightly.
  • The passenger has to control its movements.
  • The rider should keep the throttle in control, twisting instant throttle can cause an imbalance of motorcycle.

Remember to start slowly. Take your time and practice daily to ride a bike.
Have a Safe Ride Friend!!

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