How to drive a car for beginners?

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The first and most important thing to start driving a car is a casual brain with energy and certainty to drive. It’s not in the slightest degree a difficult task, in truth when an 18-year-old kid, an unskilled and a multi-year Old Aunty or Uncle can drive a car – is it that you cannot drive? Positively no – It’s anything but difficult to drive a car !!

It is recommended that a beginner driver should learn driving on a used car and after practicing your driving skill go for your new vehicle.

Riding a bike or driving a car has some similarities if you already ride a motorcycle then it will be a lot easier for you to drive a car.
Here in this article, you will get complete knowledge about driving a manual car as well as an automatic car.

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Learn to drive a car:

Learn to drive a car

A huge number of you would be thinking about how to drive a car securely and productively. Truth be told. there are numerous who realize how to drive a manual car yet aren’t happy in the driver’s seat of a programmed one. Indeed, even the other way around remains constant. Nonetheless, it must be noticed that driving a vehicle is much less difficult than it looks. There are only some fundamental things you have to remember before you get in the driver’s seat. This article here would assist you with certain tips on the best way to be a sheltered driver, alongside disclosing to you how to drive a car bit by bit.

How to drive a car step by step?

  • The first step is to ensure that you are properly comfortable in the driver’s seat of the car you intend to drive. Consequently, when you are in the driving seat, alter it according to your tallness and space. Next, modify the mirrors, both within the unit and the ones outwardly. Being serenely situated would assist you with keeping your quiet when you begin driving just because.
  • Wear the seat belt before turning on the ignition.
  • There are some fundamental principles that you should follow. While it is profoundly critical to utilize turn markers and to comprehend the street signs, it’s of much higher significance to ensure your psyche isn’t pre-involved, which may, thusly, hamper your attention out and about.
  • It’s normal to feel somewhat anxious when driving for the very first time. Along these lines, it will be a smart thought to have an accomplished driver in the co-driver seat to assist you with some essential direction where and when required. There is an explanation that it’s necessary to have a scholarly driver in the co-driver seat when you begin driving on a student’s permit. He can proceed to assist you with making minor rectifications in your driving.
  • It is recommended to drive a car for the first time on an empty road or in less traffic area.

As there are two type of cars, Manual transmission and Automatic Transmission cars. Both type cars have some differences between them and some similarities as well. We will discuss each type in detail.

Things to know about a Manual Car:

Things to know about a Manual Car
Figure 1.1

The manual car has 3 pedals at the foot place of the driver. The left one is the Clutch, the middle one is the Brake and Acceleration is on the right side. Clutch and Brake are operated by the left leg and Acceleration is controlled by the right leg.
There is a gear lever between the driver and the passenger seat. Mostly manual cars have 6 gear transmission, 5 forward and one rear as shown in figure 1.1.

How to Drive a Manual Car?

In the event that you have never driven a manual and need to realize the nuts and bolts read through our simple guide and discover how to do it.

Figure 1.2
  • Make Sure that the gear is in a neutral position by moving the gear shifter around, if it moves freely then it is in a neutral position.
  • Press the clutch pedal fully to the floor with your left foot.
  • Turn on the ignition and start the car.
  • Hold the Steering wheel gently as in figure 1.2.
  • Now shift the gear shifter in first gear and release the clutch slowly meanwhile keep pressing your right foot on the acceleration padel slowly.
  • Slowly leave the clutch pedal and keep on pressing the acceleration pedal to speed up the car.
  • Now Shift the gear to the next gear smoothly and repeat the clutch and the acceleration pedal process.

Things to know about Automatic Car:

How to Drive a Car Automatic
Figure 1.3

As compared to manual cars, an automatic car is easy to drive. Unlike a manual car, auto cars don’t have a clutch pedal, it only has a brake pedal and accelerator pedal.
The automatic car does not have a manual gear shifter as shown in figure 1.3, once you put it in D drive mode, you don’t have to worry about changing the gear. The driver only has to control the steering, brakes, and accelerator, gear shifts up or down automatically.
In an automatic car, only the right foot is used for controlling the acceleration and pushing the brakes. Don’t use both the feet at the same time, keep left for at rest and apply brakes with the right foot by leaving the accelerator.

How to Drive a Car Automatic?

  • Before starting drive an automatic car makes sure the gear is at N(Neutral).
  • Put the left foot on the brake pedal and start the car.
  • Set the gear lever to D(drive) mode and slowly leave your foot from the brake.
  • Start pressing the accelerator slowly to move forward.
  • If you want to park the car the set the gear lever to P(parking).

How to Reverse a Car?

How to Reverse a Car

Most of the beginner drivers or less confident drivers are afraid of reversing a car whether its manual or automatic. Though reversing a car is a bit difficult job but the practice is a key to make it an easy job.

  • Adjust the gear lever on reverse gear position.
  • Set the mirrors accordingly.
  • First, look at both side mirrors to check if the path is clear.
  • It’s basic to observe that the controlling wheel is exchanged when you need to pivot. When driving forward, you turn your controlling choice to turn right and turn the guiding left to turn left. Nevertheless, when you pivot, it’s not identical. Turning your managing right will move your vehicle back towards left while turning your coordinating left will turn your vehicle towards the right.
  • It is recommended to keep the speed slow while reversing the car to avoid any incident.

Don’t get demotivated, the ones who drive a car perfectly today, was a beginner yesterday. Stay persistent and keep on practicing you will be a better driver soon.

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