How to buy a used car from a private seller?

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If you are looking to buy a used car then buying it from a private seller is comparatively less expensive as compared to the dealership. Commonly, private sellers need to sell their vehicle rapidly because of a move, since they no longer need a vehicle or in light of the fact that they need additional cash.

You have to do all paperwork of ownership by yourself and the best thing is you have a direct connection with the seller without any middle man. Somehow there is a risk factor in buying a car from the private party as
private car sales may not come with guarantees, depending on your agreement with the seller.

If you decided to buy your next car from a private seller then the following are some things that you should remember.

We must suggest first you should know how to drive a car, in case you don’t know, learn how to drive a car effectively.


The main reason that you should prefer a private seller is a low price. It is noted that the private seller is always willing to negotiate. Mostly they are selling their car to pay bills or want an upgrade in both cases a private seller wants to sell his car fastly, which is the main reason they can sell their car at a low market price.
It is quite a fast process without the involvement of a third person or dealership.

The seller is not a professional in selling products, he can’t drive you in the wrong way, dealers always try to gain more commission from both sides by manipulating them.


When you buy a used car from a private seller you would not get a warranty for the vehicle that you bought from the private seller. So be sure about the choice of the seller.

There is no refund if not written in the agreement. If you find issues after a short time period of buying the car, the seller would not assist you in this case. Once the private sale is done, your contact with the seller is over too.

Dealing with a private seller for buying a used car is usually not an easy process as you have to deal with them all by yourself.

Tips for buying a used car from a private seller:

In the event that you intend to purchase a vehicle from a private party, you can’t simply drive up to a ton and look over many vehicles the manner in which you may on the off chance that you purchase from a vendor.


You can find the used car by browsing on ads websites or by searching in classified ads. After finding the car of your choice, compare the price with Edmunds. On the off chance that the seller is asking excessively, you might have the option to talk them down yet be attentive that they might be purposefully swelling the cost with the goal that it appears as though you’re getting an extraordinary deal when they descend.

When looking through ads for vehicles, give close thought to the length and nature of the vehicle’s depiction. Appropriate information like mileage, make, model, year and length of ownership should be prerequisites to any advancement. The dealer should in like manner show if he is the primary owner the vehicle has had, or if the vehicle has had diverse past owners.

You must check all details written in the ad about the history of the car, accidents, any repair needed. The seller who describes his used car problems is a genuine seller.

Meet Seller:

In the event that you’ve discovered a nitty-gritty portrayal of a car that you’re keen on, you can push ahead with reaching the seller.
The second step is to contact the private seller and show him that you are interested in his car.

Decide neutral places like a park area or a cafe to meet. Start by affirming the data in the advertisement and pose fundamental inquiries concerning mishap and fix history if that data is absent from the promotion. Next, demand a test drive.

But before taking the vehicle to test drive you must examine the condition of the car completely.

Things to check before buying a used car:

Following are some major aspects that a buyer should check in a used car before buying it from a private seller:

  • Tire Condition:
    New tires normally cost from two or three hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, so if it looks as though the tires will before long be supplanted, you should consider this your offer.
  • Exterior Condition:
    Have a close look at the body condition of the car especially at the doors, lower portion of the body.
    Check the paint condition of the car and the look for the rusted parts, this can affect the deal.
  • Interior Condition:
    Examine the interior of the car including seats, floor, audio system, Ac wents, and the basic buttons to know whether they work properly or not.

Test Drive:

It’s an ideal opportunity to take the vehicle out for a test drive. Must drive the car for at least 2km. During the drive, ensure you’re bird eye centered around each little detail. Keep your ears open for the noises and make sure the car runs smoothly without any interruption. Basic features like airconditioner, power windows, wipers, head, and rear lights, gearbox, and the steering in good working condition.

Get the Car Inspected:


In the event that the car feels great out and about and you’re thinking about buying it, presently you need to ensure that the car is precisely solid. Carry the car to your mechanic by the permission of the private seller for further inspection.

The mechanic will inspect the engine, seals, and brakes to make sure that the car is worth buying. Inspection can help you figure out the mechanical and electrical issues of cars and the accidental history of the car.

Negotiate and Finalize the Deal:

When you’ve finished the test drive and examination and are happy with the vehicle’s condition and execution, you can make a proposal to buy. Always try to ask the seller to lower the price as much as he can.

If you have already found some considerable defects in the car, discuss it with the seller and ask him to lower the price of the car accordingly.

After deciding a fair price and once you agree on the price, the next step is too pay the money and get the ownership of the car.

It is recommended that always pay the full amount in cash and at the same moment ask the seller to hand over the documents and transfer the title to you. There are different procedures in every State so you should go to your State’s DVM to register the title of the car in your name.


Indeed it is a risky and difficult process to buy a used car from the private seller instead of the dealership. You should ask more questions from the seller and take a friend or expert with you in all the buying process.
Avoid deal if you suspect anything wrong like the seller is a scammer or the car is not legal. Contact your local police in this case.

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