How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Motorcycle?

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If you find your motorcycle rusty or In the event, the motorcycle needs to be painted, then you probably ask a few professionals how much it costs to paint a motorcycle. The Reality Is that the cost to paint a motorcycle varies on many factors like the Kind of bike, detailing you need.

Factors affecting the cost to paint a motorcycle:

The cost to paint your motorcycle is dependent upon how much you really desire to get painted, and how many paintable panels you’ve got in your motorcycle. Some bikes, such as Harley Davidsons for instance, have significantly less plastic paneling compared to other bikes(such as a Suzuki Ninja). Dirtbikes possess easy-to-remove rear/front fenders which makes painting easy.

Routine Paint Job:

Typically, routine paint jobs cost approximately $300 to $1500. It is a considerable gap, however, as always, the price is dependent upon many elements.
Painting requires time and effort, therefore if the bike must be treated before it could be painted, the procedure might cost you much more.

To attempt to reduce the total price of a normal job, you might want to begin some groundwork before you choose the bike from an expert. Though other things affect the pricing, performing some of this groundwork might save you a couple of hundred dollars.

These pieces are typically the ones needing a brand new paint job that the most, so it might be a fantastic idea just to have these painted. However, make sure just to perform this if you understand how to detach and detach these components back.

You need to bring front and back fenders, tanks, and side panels for your mechanic if you are doing yourself.

Custom Paint Job:

Custom jobs are a lot more costly than regular ones. Furthermore, if you are rebuilding the paint, it might cost you much more. Another thing to bear in mind is the fact that it might be tough to haggle the price of a customized job. The practice is usually precise and detailed, so it requires time. Plus, not lots of folks do habits anyway, making those who do very pricey.

Professional Labor Cost :

Since professionals bill in labor hours, you can anticipate being billed from two hours of labor, all of the way up to 10+ hours, and also a normal body shop will cost anywhere from $50-$150 per labor hour. You may expect to pay anywhere from $100-$500 for a reasonably priced standard paint job.


Painting a motorcycle by yourself would likely cost you about $50, or even less. However, it implies you are going to be doing all of the work on your own, for instance, dirty work referred to as sanding. Understanding how to sand and detail your own bike is a must in the search to stop paying a specialist. Even though you likely don’t want as much expertise, some are advised. However, even you are an amateur, you’re probably going to be able to perform quite an adequate job.

 All you will need is your ideal instruments and some general understanding of paint and motorcycle components. As it is a DIY job, all you will need money for is real paint and many tools that will assist you with the procedure.

The best part is you may do it at your convenience and at any time that is appropriate for you. Additionally, when you do it a couple of times, it is possible to possibly even offer you part-time solutions.

One of the most vital points to think about is the layout and colors that you would like to use.  The precise kind of bike, in addition to the products that you’re using, would be the two chief elements determining the general cost in this instance.

Quite simply, high-end paint is possibly the most lasting and effective alternative, but remember it is possibly the most expensive also.
 Doing this wrong may lead to damage to the surface of the bike you won’t have the ability to fix as readily. You ought to be careful with this measure.

Once you save money doing this yourself, you will not be saving time, so consider this.

Even in the event that you opt to do this yourself, then do not hesitate to ask for expert assistance if stuck at the procedure. Should you see that it is more challenging than you ever believed or you just lack the confidence that you had when you began, take the bike to a specialist.

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